Saturday, August 31, 2013

For Good Reason

I was always so frustrated when bloggers quit blogging after they moved and here I am on my first post in almost three months! I do think I have a pretty good excuse though. . . I am pregnant! I guess moving into the new house we just needed to fill it up right away and first month in is all it took. Ha! We were planning on trying for baby #3 in July so it's just a bit earlier than planned, but I am getting excited. Being sick and tired and pregnant with a toddler to care for is tough stuff. My first clue that I might be pregnant was when I was no longer motivated to do house projects. I am so thankful now for all we did in the first two months.

 Now that I'm beginning to feel better I will post pics of where we are at and what we have planned. I know that time is ticking on getting certain things done before this nugget arrives in early March. I also have my sister and her hubby and three kids coming from England for a whole month over Christmas. It is going to be an awesome holiday season in our new home. Thanks for some patience and such while I find time to get back into the swing of things!