Monday, January 7, 2013

Begin At the Beginning

Well lately I am in an Alice In Wonderland kind of mood. Our daughter is turning 1 on Wednesday and her party on Saturday is a "Clara in Onederland" theme. She is the main reason we wandered over to a Ryan Homes model.

We've been in our current home for 9yrs. We built it and have been quite happy here until our used to feel large enough living room exploded with toys. Even bringing in a steamer trunk I refinished to corral all the mess didn't make much difference. Our first idea was to turn our rarely used dining room into a playroom. The only problem is I couldn't fathom selling my beautiful pottery barn dining room table. Who cares that it's only been used 6 times and if I put both leaves in I couldn't squeeze a toothpick between it and the walls? Right? Some close friends were looking to build and we found out about a neighborhood directly behind ours and decided to check it out. Just for kicks.

The first models we were looking into were the Milan and even the Palermo though it would have been a special request for the neighborhood. Then my hubby had the crazy idea to ask his parents if they would be interested in selling their house and living in our basement. They spend half the year in Florida so it wasn't too scary of an idea. They turned it down right away and we kept discussing our options. One day my Mom randomly asked if we would consider letting her live in the basement. She lives alone in a small house that I grew up in and it has a huge yard with trees and the yard litter they create. After much discussion we decided to go for it. She raised me and my sister on her own. This would allow her to retire when she wants and then spend more time in England with my sister and her three kids. It would also be a big help for us having Grandma so close since we plan on adding more to our brood.

Now our "just for kicks" fun has turned into the real deal. My Moms house is on the market. We have a great realtor so it will hopefully sell ASAP and we can get started on our Rome! After taking my Mom to visit the model home, which is a Rome, we decided that was the best option to give her the space she would need in the basement. So somehow I am now looking forward to having so much space and I don't have to sacrifice my table! I will even be able to use it with both leaves! Eek!

This is my first time blogging so please excuse any snafus. I have been loving reading about everyone else's journeys. This is such an amazing tool for us all to have the best experience possible.

Next up will be a post about our selections. Hopefully I can figure out how to add pics. ;)


  1. Love it! I look forward to hearing about your journey. I have lots of great (and a few not so great...) memories of house building. :)

  2. Looking forward to hearing all the details of building. And I love hearing about your daughter.