Sunday, March 3, 2013

Broken Ground and Tight Spaces

Yesterday my hubby and I walked the lot. It has been cleared and flags had been placed on the corners of the house so we could see where it would lay. We are happy with the size of the lot and that we won't have anyone directly behind us. At our current house we can practically wave at our rear neighbors from kitchen window to kitchen window. We are getting blessed with a new upgrade of sod and sprinklers in the backyard. A portion will be left for us to clear out twiggy trees and plant seed once we build a fence.

We've been super busy with getting our current house ready to rent as well as my Mom moving in since she closes on her house on the 15th. It will be a bit of a squeeze for awhile.

We met our pm the Wednesday before they broke ground and learned that our sa will be moving so another sa will be taking over. I think I've seen our new sa more than I had our old one since I've gone through the model so many times and he is always there. Our estimated closing is mid May which was super exciting! We had a few hiccups at our pre construction meeting with changes we had previously made not being documented and therefore no longer allowed. The biggy was that we had moved the fireplace from the rear wall to the side wall so the bump out wouldn't take up space on the back deck. I'm not too upset about it and we really should have paid more attention to all the update paperwork we were signing to make sure it was all covered. Another great thing is that our pm just finished working on another elevation N so he has experience and seems really nice.

I will post pics once we have more to show than just dirt, but I must say I am loving our piece of dirt.

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