Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Meeting and a Closing Date

We had our pre drywall meeting this morning. Thanks to our first sales rep we had a few more mistakes. At our very first meeting we chose a gas stove, but somehow it was incorrect on some of the paperwork. Thankfully it was right on the gas guys paperwork so we are still good to go. We had moved one of the ceiling fan hookups to the playroom so we wouldn't have to worry about lamps and cords, but it wasn't changed. Our pm said he can get it done. Everything else was great. Friday the drywall goes in and should be finished one week later. Siding goes in next week and the front steps are about to go in. It is still amazing how quick it goes.

Our final walk through is set for May 28th and closing on May 29th!! We really wanted a midweek closing so we could start moving stuff out of our storage units when we could use their truck for free since we didn't use it when moving in. I also want to get the nursery painted a few days before we move in. When we move on that Saturday we will be able to use the truck from the realtor that sold my Mom's house. . . for free!! I feel like God is really working in all the details.

This weekend we are having a moving sale and it will feel good to have that done. Whatever doesn't sell is heading straight to Goodwill! We are doing final touches on our current house and I emailed our property mngmt company so next week we will sign paperwork, take pics and start finding a renter. That will be the last big box that needs a check mark. Then it's all sunshine and roses . . . and more packing, but I will be dancing as I pack.

On April 14th I celebrate one year as a stay at home Mom. It was a decision made with honestly quite a bit of fear. God has always provided for us, but this was the first time that I really had to learn to trust Him with our finances. He is so good to us. Just like the song says "You are good, You are good, when there's nothing good in me." I feel so undeserving sometimes. I am totally making a sign for above our front door that will hold my knickname for our new house. It will say,

"Grace Abundant!!"

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