Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walls and Amazingness

Another update without pics. I know that's not much fun so I apologize, but I'm holding out for when we get our siding.

Drywall was up in one day! Utter craziness. Now they will move on to mudding/taping and hopefully siding soon. It was so much fun to walk through yesterday and be able to envision everything better. We took the girl through with us for the first time and she waved bye bye to the house when we left.

Onto the amazingness bit. We have renters!!! Our friends sold their house way faster than expected and still aren't able to transfer where they want yet so they are moving into our house. They might be able to close right when we move and if not we still have room in our place to get their stuff in and it would only be a week overlap. It feels like a weight is off my shoulders and I'm light as a feather. They might only be here for another month or it could be a year. So we have our property management company at the ready for when we do need to find someone. It's nice not have to worry about them yet though.

Now I'm packing, painting furniture and just being excited!! Come on May 29th!
Oh and for anyone else who might not know it's the Sherwin Williams 40% off paint sale this weekend. I think I've settled on a few colors for the nursery, playroom, family room, morning room, master and big girl bedroom so I'm going to get it while it's cheap. . er.


  1. Our dry wall was being installed yesterday, I'm going to take a drive up today and see the progress! We also should have the siding and brick done by the weekend, this is where it gets exciting!

    We also need to start packing too, I haven't begun to even think about it yet! I'm so afraid to get up in the attic where most of our stuff is stored... mainly because of the spiders but also because I am afraid of how much crap we actually have!

  2. For some reason packing has been fun for me. I started when my Mom's house was first listed for sale so mainly what's left is what we need to survive. I guess I will wait until we get closer to continue. We caught a few more mistakes yesterday so it's definitely good to walk through regularly. The mudders had let a bucket of water spill in the loft and it was leaking through the insulation on the front porch. We sent pics to the pm. Hope it's nothing major. They also didn't cut through for one of our ceiling fan prewires and had the wrong garage door on. There were cabinets and doors in the garage though and that was super exciting! Hope you haven't found as many mistakes as us.