Wednesday, May 1, 2013

27 Days and Pic Updates

We have 27 days till closing!!! Eek! The house is looking truly beautiful and excitment is rising. My Mom picked out her ikea kitchen for her lower level suite. I am jealous of how pretty it will be. I love white kitchens, but since its not an option for us we went dark. My brain is spinning with packing and moving plans. So much will need to happen in so little time, but it will be fun. I seem to thrive in craziness.

These were all taken with my phone so not fab quality, but I will post more from my camera in a bit. We do have our laminate in the guest bath/laundry room/lower level bath. Wood has been installed in the half bath and where all appliances will be in the kitchen. Door handles are on. Trim work is all finished. Walls are painted and railings are installed. The facade is still not complete with some trim work missing and the front door isn't painted red yet. Lot's done and lot's still to be done. I felt like so much was getting done so fast, but now there is still so much to do and it finally feels like it's close. Should be an exciting next few weeks!!

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  1. Hi Erin, I have been missing your posts! Glad I found you! Elevation N is really nice! I can't wait to see your home finished! It looks like we have the same bathroom ceramic surround.