Thursday, May 23, 2013

Informal Walk Through

We went through the house today to see if we could spot any concerns they hadn't already marked with blue tape. The cleaners were coming today and all the floors were uncovered. Tons of guys were running around fixing the seemingly endless blue tape spots. They said they were a bit behind finishing touches, but had a county inspection tomorrow so they were working hard to be100%. Thankfully it seems they are on top of everything. Our stove was in and the correct garage door windows were being installed while we were there. Really besides the dirt and dust I thought it looked amazing. Just 4 days till our final walk through when we will get to see it all spiffed up. We did discuss our only concern which is the wonky molding on the kitchen cabinets under the hvac. They couldn't do the major overhaul we wanted to make it look like the model since the actual way they install the hvac is different. Instead they are going to try to jimmy rig the molding by trimming it down to fit. Hopefully it works, but I am so very thankful this very small concern is all we've had along the way.
I'm on a packing rampage. My hubs isn't too happy that I'm almost done packing the kitchen. He keeps saying "we still live here," but we have paper goods that have piled up over the past 9yrs we can use up. We also still have to pack some in the garage, do yard clean up, some paint touchups, and major cleaning. I think being this on top of packing will make it so Tuesday we can just enjoy our final walk through and our last day in our first home.
 It's the final countdown!!!!
5 Measly Little Days!


  1. My wife was the same way... when you get to the point where you can count on one hand the number of days when you have to be out of the house... you just want to grab for anything you can and put it in a box so you don't have to worry about it anymore!

    Have fun packing and I can't wait to see pictures of everything finished!

    -Brandon (

  2. it's the home stretch! We are in the same boat, only, when I went by the house yesterday, omg, it was like a war zone, I don't think they can have it all done by next friday! I hope they have magic elves as their sub contractors! lol... have fun packing and moving!

  3. You are so close!! I can only imagine how excited you are! I feel you on the packing and cleaning. I too am so overwhelmed, but we will get through it!

  4. So exciting. Looking forward to the final walk through pics. I'm living through you until they break ground on our Rome.

  5. You are almost there Erin!! You are doing the best thing by continuing to pack because once you are in the home it's another whole story. There is so much work between packing up the old place and unpacking the new place. We ate out of paper ware until the day of closing and never stayed another day. We definitely went back to complete unfinished packing for the big moving day.

    too exciting--I know you can't wait!!! Thank you so much for blogging with us and sharing your beautiful home with us.