Thursday, May 2, 2013

In One Day

Today my Dad and I went by the house around 10amish. The structured cable guy was working in the coat closet where all our components will be going. Two guys were digging the footings for the deck. When my hubby and I went by at 6pm the driveway was poured, the surround sound speakers were in, the granite was in and the deck was finished! Holy Moley these guys work fast. I had changed my mind on our granite multiple times. We went from Venetian gold to tropical brown to ubatuba and back to venetian gold. I am so happy I stuck with my gut. It's so beautiful! The deck is way bigger than we remembered. No steps yet, but hopefully soon. Wow, we are really flying now!


  1. WOW!! Great progress!! I love how you turned the mudroom closet into a media closet! I can't wait to see your kitchen with the venetian gold granite. Have not seen in anyone's home. What color are your cabinets?

  2. The coat closet idea got us really excited since tiny little fingers won't have buttons to push! We have espresso cabinets. I have been worried since it seems most people with espresso went with st Cecelia. I really liked the Venetian gold when I saw it in our model, but our sa said that some people who chose it were disappointed because their slabs looked nothing like it. I've been waiting on pins and needles, but am so happy. I will try to get a good pic tonight.

    1. Hi Erin, I can't wait to see the pictures. It certainly sounds like anything would suit the espresso cabinets with the Venetian Gold because the espresso is dark. I am glad it came out the way you wanted it too. I am so happy I received the medium St. Cecilia instead of the other two choices even though either option would have worked out.

  3. They sure do move fast, very soon it will become yours.