Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grace Abundant

Today has been a crazy day! We had our walk through at 12pm. It went really well. We only have a few things for them to fix and it's nothing major. The cleaners were there for their last run through so my pics aren't that great. I am totally blown away by our beautiful home. 6 months ago this was all just a crazy idea and now God has brought it through. We got the truck and it's full and ready for us to take the first load over after we close at 10am. Clara will be with her Gammy and Papa for the night so we can just focus on the move. We are so blessed with a wonderful family. I was full  blown sick for the past three days and my Mom picked up the slack helping us clean so our first home will be ready for our good friends to move in. We are 100% ready and I am so excited. Hopefully I won't be MIA for long. We are hoping to have our house and three storage units empty by Thursday night. We shall see. So much to do, but I will be having random dance breaks while we do it! Major thanks to all our friends for taking time during the week to help. We are truly blessed!!

 Out backyard continues a ways into the woods.

Foyer from the front door. Hardwood. Dining Room.

Living Room taken from the dining room facing the front of the house.

Family room and kitchen from all angles.

Basement. Upstairs Guest Bath. Master Bedroom. Looking into loft from master bedroom. Stairwell.

One more sleep and then the craziness really begins.
Thank you Lord for Your abundant grace!


  1. It's beautiful! So happy for you guys! :)

  2. Wow simply stunning! Hope our walk through on Friday goes well too! Happy moving!

  3. ohh....what a beautiful ROME!! She is gorgeous, STANDING WITH REVERANCE!! I adore and give thanks for God's blessing that he has bestowed on your family. I love love love how your mom gets to create her own special place. This is bringing me to tears, Erin!!! So happy for you!!

    1. BTW--I am so happy you choose to BLOG and share you journey! Thank you so much for this gift!

  4. I am thrilled you are finally able to see it all come together and move into your dream home. Enjoy settling in and make sure you post pictures once you start living there.

  5. Beautiful! Love the yard and deck!

  6. Congratulations! Your house looks absolutely beautiful. Enjoy and try to relax a little after Thursday ;)