Friday, May 3, 2013

Picture Tour

Three posts in three days! What what! Okay, well on to the important stuff. I am no photographer and my camera is nothing fabulous, but here are some better pictures. I will explain each one for those friends/fam who haven't been in a Rome before.

We are still missing some trim/details, lights, sod and landscaping.

When you step inside you have the living room to the left and it is open to the dining room which my Mom is walking past. There are two hallways leading into the next section. The one hidden by the column is the pantry into the kitchen. The one my Mom is walking through passes the stairs and half bath. There is another hallway first thing on the right with the garage door entry and a coat closet.

Then you enter into the open kitchen/family room space. The morning room is right off the kitchen and the door at the end of the family room will be Clara's playroom.

I tried to get a close up of the venetian gold granite. Here is our huge back deck off the morning room! Monday Jason is talking to our PM about where the steps will go to avoid blocking as much light from getting into my Mom's space as possible.

Two views of our master bedroom from by the bathroom door looking towards the sitting room and closet and then from the sitting room. It is massive. Our queen bed is going to look tiny and we are so not used to having this much space.

Alright the top pic is standing at the top of the stairs and looking left into the loft. To the right is the master and straight ahead is the guest bathroom and nursery. You pass the linen closet walking into the loft and the last two bedrooms are right and left. The second pic is in the loft looking towards the stairs. The room to the right is Clara's big girl room and the other door is the laundry. Okay that was super confusing, but I tried.

This is Mom's territory. The top pic is the center of her downstairs wall. There are two bumpouts that kind of divide the space into three sections. In the center section she is doing an L shaped kitchen with an island. The second pic is the back wall. Our pm was awesome enough to frame out two windows so that we can put them in ourselves more easily to get her more light. She will have a patio under our deck right outside her sliding doors. I realized I didn't take a pic of her bedroom which is a room most people don't opt to finish so I will do that next time. I couldn't get into the bathrooms since we still don't have lights and the grout was all drying.
25 days to go!!!!!


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks great! The house is huge! It's nice that you mom has her own space. The deck is really nice. We asked to get one built during the actually building of the house and they wouldn't let us. What size did you you make it?

  3. I have been waiting so anxiously to see the outside of your house... we're building an Ernest Hemingway and we too picked the Irish Thistle as the main siding and Sandy Tan as the accent (although ours won't be the shake). I was so worried that the IT would turn out looking more gray than green, and I've seen two completely different colors of "brown" for the shutters. I'm pleased to say that I LOVE everything about the front of your house! Now the only thing you need a photo of is that Fiery Brown front door!

  4. I think the deck is 10x20. Not quite sure though. Brandon, I am so glad you got to see the colors and like them too. We were also pretty nervous, but Isz Wisz built just down the road and we got to see the IT on his and knew we made the right choice. A Rome down the street has the fiery brown and it looks more like a rusty red.

  5. Looks great, can't wait to see the flooring once it is in, that will really finish off the house. We chose the same kitchen cabinets and granite.