Monday, May 13, 2013

Ants in my Pants

Today we are two weeks from the week we move. 16 days to be exact. We talked to our SR Saturday about our scheduled time to close. It is currently 3pm on Wednesday the 29th. Our slight problem is we really need to move out that same day since our lovely friends are moving into our old house the very next day. It's a great problem to have our renters ready to move in right away, but if we can close earlier Wednesday or even after our final walk through Tuesday it will be a much more smooth transition. He is going to get back to us today hopefully on what we can do.

We had the chance to wander the model a bit, and I am so glad we did. I noticed that in the kitchen the beautiful molding carries all the way across the top of the kitchen cabinets since the bump out for the hvac raises up just before the cabinets. Ours does not. They cut the main molding off at the bump out so the small trim piece goes across, but it is at a wonky angle. Also the recessed light over the sink was centered where as in our house it is almost a foot off center. My hubs is going to call our PM today to see what they can do about those two things since they really irk me more than any of the other nitpicky things I've noticed.

On the other hand we now have carpet and some appliances and all the lights/electrical work is done inside and out. I couldn't resist an evening drive by on Friday and it was so fun to turn the corner to our street and see our house glowing bright. The carpet upstairs is a bit darker than I remembered, but I don't hate it. I'm used to cream, but after having our first puppy and baby with cream carpet I knew that we needed to go darker. The upstairs carpet is level 1 with no stain protection either so better to be safe and get used to darker carpet than try to fend off future inevitable stains.

The packing continues. I am trying to fill our dining room up with boxes and move everything from lamps to bookcases to boxes down from upstairs so on moving day we just take things straight outside. I've been doing some thrifting and seem to be creating more boxes. I just love wandering an antique shop more than anything. Friday I am heading up to northern VA with some friends to attend the Luckett's Antique Market on Saturday. We are designating this weekend for fun since after that our weekends will be spent on final packing, moving, unpacking, unpacking, decorating, I could go on and on.

I probably will wait for pics now until our final walk through. Maybe not, but we shall see. Then the fun will begin! I thrive in busy, crazy, too much to do and not enough time environments. I've already apologized in advance to my husband for not ever sitting down, eating, taking a break and expecting him to do the same. I secretly think he appreciates it. ;)

16 Days!!


  1. I love this post. Do you have pictures of the crown molding of the kitchen from the model? It would be great to see a picture of what you are talking about. So excited you are getting closer to your closing day.

    1. I didn't take a pic, but they said they no longer do the hvac the same way as the model so they couldn't change ours. I tried to look at your kitchen pics to see how yours is done, but couldn't tell. Did they just have the cabinets meet up directly with the hvac after the molding stopped? Today during an informal walk through we asked if the could trim a piece of molding down to just the bullnose part to have under the hvac. Our cabinet isn't quite level with the ceiling there and it looks funny without something there. They are going to try it and I will take a pic of the finished product. So glad this is our only main concern so far though.

  2. Hi, we created a FB group for current and future Rome owners.