Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meeting and Love

We met with our PM yesterday afternoon to discuss the placement of our deck stairs. Before he arrived we had a few minutes to talk with our new neighbor. Currently it seems our direct neighbors are mostly retirees which is fine with us since they will keep such a good eye out. smile

It was great to have the opportunity to choose where our stairs will go since we had my Mom's bedroom window, future morning room windows and patio to all consider. We also have a pup so we wanted to have them come down to a landing and then turn so if he takes a spill he won't have such a long way down. Rubber stair treads are definitely a future purchase to help with that too.

After we settled on the spot for the stairs our PM told us that they didn't line off the yard correctly on one side so we could take down a few more trees and get more sod, but it was up to us. My hubs spent quite a bit of time discussing pros and cons with him. I love that he was patient with letting us figure it out. In the end we decided to take them down since it could affect future grading and draining issues when they start on the lot next to us. I took my camera, but it was missing the memory card which is still in my laptop from the last post. Oops! I will make sure to post some this weekend.

We have been so happy with the work done on the house so far. We haven't been nitpicking since our PM says his team of guys will be coming in soon for detail work. He did tell us wood flooring will be going in Tuesday or Wednesday with carpet a few days behind that. We are right on schedule! I feel like I'm about to burst so I keep packing and refinishing the furniture I still have left to get ready. Knocking one day out at a time.

21 days!!

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  1. Erin, this makes a huge difference to build the home cans get it prepped for the future layout ! Your PM has been great with working through your options ! I can really appreaciate it when they work closely with you.