Sunday, June 2, 2013


Of course the earth decides to turn hell hot for the few days we are moving. Nothing like sweating it out in the back of a moving truck. Thankfully we had help even though we moved during the week. I can't say thank you enough to all the guys who helped and the wives that stayed home alone with kiddos so they could come.

Wednesday morning we headed to close after dropping Clara off with Jason's parents. She stayed overnight until late afternoon Thursday so we could get as much done as possible. Closing was easy peasy and we headed back for the truck. My hubs headed to lowes to get our fridge since we had been waiting for a friend that works there to find out if we could get an lg that had a slight dent for cheap. We got an awesome deal! By the end of day one we had two truck loads and numerous car loads done and kitchen/linen/pantry boxes unpacked. Day two we got almost everything out of our house, my moms storage unit and one of our units moved. Day three was the last of the moving except for a few things we still need from our house and some furniture that Jason's parents are giving us. By today we have maybe five boxes left of randoms to unpack. I got the nursery and laundry room painted Thursday and am starting the playroom after my break to do this post. Then I am taking a painting break till I decide on colors and we pass the 30 day fixes.

So far we are super happy. I'm waiting till we are fully settled before I go around wearing frog tape like a bracelet to mark the spots of paint, flooring, ect touch ups that they will need to do. They are going to move the light above my kitchen sink to get it more centered at the 30 day. They fixed the molding in the kitchen so I will make sure to post a pic of that. I was going to post pics today, but it's just been too crazy so my goal is to take some this week. We have rugs down, some pictures hung, ceiling fan in the family room up, nursery chandelier up, playroom light up, new 60in Sharp Aquos led flat screen up (thanks Mom! Woohoo!). Everything is really coming along and by now I'm sure you see my OCD shining through by what we've done. Haha. I said I was crazy.

This morning I watched a deer roam our backyard and right now I'm sitting on our front porch listening to the rain.
This. Is. Unbelievable.


  1. Congrats! I feel you about the heat and moving too! We moved Saturday afternoon and it was about 90 degrees! Sounds like you got a lot done already too!

  2. Congrats!! At least the hard part is over and now the fun part (decorating) begins!

  3. Awwww Erin, so happy for you and your family! I love when you said, sitting on the front porch listening to the rain bought tears to my eyes! We did the same thing for the first time two days ago in our Rome! It is unbelievable!!