Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 1 Pictures

Just wanted to share some pics of where we are at with settling in. . .

The playroom is almost done. I have a oil drip pan from walmart to hang as a magnet board and need some fabric bins for small toys in the bookshelf. The table set was sitting in someones trash so my friend brought it to me and I refinished it.

The family room is done except for curtains, paint and some stuff on the walls.

The foyer with some of my favorite pics from when Clara was just a babe.

The living room and dining room are still a hot mess. They've become my drop spot for all the knick knacks till I decide to put some effort into it.

Mudroom and pictures up in half bath.

Laundry room in coral spice.

Master Bedroom in its current crazy state.

Nursery. Still have to hang some stuff, but it's the closest to complete. Love her chandelier!

Kitchen and morning room. Still have two stools to finish. If you see painted furniture throughout the pics I probably painted it. Most of our stuff is craigslist or thrifted. My biggest accomplishment is the blue chairs in the morning room that I also reupholstered.

The wall in the morning room is going to be a gallery wall.

Not everyone will love my young heifer cowhead as much as me. His name is Ferdinand and he will be decorated for all holidays. Smile.

So that's all for now. Lot's more to do, but I am having a blast!


  1. Thanks for all the updated pics - your place looks great! I really love the light floors...I hate that I let my hubby and our Rite Rug designer talk me out of the lighter floors!!

    1. I always thought I would go dark. I've loved dark wood for years, but I changed my whole direction once we went to make our choices. I agonized over it until I saw them.

  2. I love the piece you put in that tiny space Ryan likes to call a "mud room" to make it functional!

  3. very nice. I love that Nursery room with windows on both walls. We got that upstairs in one room, and your picture shows it was very worth while. very beautiful.

  4. I really like the cabinet in the kitchen! it has a lot of character!

    1. Thanks! I got that piece before moving into our first house. I removed the door and stained it. Right before moving this time I decided to paint the outside white and distress it. I think it helps brighten things up since our kitchen is so dark. It's nice to finally be able to use it for pretty things. In our old kitchen we didn't have enough storage space so it held dishes and Clara's bibs and such.

  5. I love that your choices were displaying who you guys are. It's perfect....it's home! :-) congrats